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If you want a simple way to instantly improve your office space, then you should rent more plants. Adding plants to an office not only makes the space more pleasant, it also improves the health and productivity of your work force. If you are still not convinced, here is a look at some of the greatest benefits you will enjoy when you rent office plants.

Add Cleaner Air

One of the casualties of the modern environment is a disturbing lack of clean air. When you are in an office all day, you want to breathe air that is as clean as possible. An inexpensive and healthy way to improve the quality of the air inside your workspace is to rent office plants. Plants naturally filter out toxins that are present in the air, leaving your employees with clean air that they can breathe deep.

Boost Morale

When people are in an environment that is full of plants, they will naturally be calmer and happier. When your employees come into work at a place where they are surrounded by beautiful plants all day, they are going to be happier while they are working. This will make them better workers, which will improve your company’s bottom line.

Lower Stress Levels

People are really not meant to work as hard as they do in the modern workplace. All that time spent working in an office can be very stressful. You can help lower the stress levels of your workforce by renting office plants to create a better work environment. When people are in the midst of plants, their stress is naturally reduced. This means that an office with lots of plants will have workers who miss less time out sick. Their lower stress levels will keep them healthier and help to prevent them from falling ill.

Increase Creativity

Research shows that people who are surrounded by plants will be more creative. Any office where creativity is essential will have better results when they surround their employees with lots of green plants. Next time your team is struggling to find a solution, take some time to smell the office flowers to boost your creativity.

As you can see, there are lots of good reasons to rent office plants. The health benefits and boost in productivity you will enjoy are tremendous. Embrace the power of plants to boost your company’s bottom line.

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Employing your Green Strategy

We understand how to make your green strategy work for you. Actively showing your commitment to a greener future will impress consciously and subconsciously on your customers.

Employing your Green Strategy

Integrating plants, silks and canvases into your exhibition space will not only add the obvious aesthetic pleasure but will also improve your chances of drawing potential customers’ closer and encourage your current customers to linger. Research shows that this encourages customer retention, and increases sales opportunities. The bottom line is that going green provides a great return on your investment.

Breathe Life into Your Next Event

Breathe Life into Your Next EventWhy use plants at your event?

  • Create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere
  • Add beauty and balance
  • Contribute to a healthy and productive environment
  • Plants clean and improve the quality of the air
  • Make a “green” statement – it is planet friendly!
  • People linger in beautiful environments

Add interest to your exhibition by using plants in pots to create a look that reflects your identity. Hip and happening, or cool and classical ... choose from a wide variety of pots in different colours and styles to match your brand. Plants and pots create flow and visual symmetry.

Bring colour to your space with silk flowers. Playful, elegant, sophisticated or pretty. Choose from a range of silk arrangements to update the look in your key display areas and tables.