Buyer’s remorse is something that most people have or will experience in their lifetime and the more expensive the item, the longer that remorse takes to recede. It’s so prevalent that it has been cited as one of the reasons that businesses don’t buy or display art in their workspaces, for fear of squandering money in an already tight economy on something they’re not sure fits their company image.

It’s a bit of a paradox though, since displaying art in workspaces has evidently been researched to reveal many benefits including employee dedication and retention as well as inspiring clients to work with certain institutions above others, thereby increasing ones bottom line. The logic behind it is that people want to work with companies that are seen to be stable and affluent, and so would feel more comfortable spending money with businesses that reflect those qualities. Art can send very powerful messages to both clients and staff alike.

Enter… Art Rentals, to solve your quandary. Renting your works of art makes sound business sense for various reasons, including nullifying the buyer’s remorse syndrome. When renting art, you’re not locked in to a lifetime of owning something that may or may not grow with your company’s image. You can opt to refresh or completely change your collection every 24 months to suit the message you want to communicate.

Renting art should also make the bean counters smile since cash flow is not affected by a capital outlay, your art does not depreciate and it is tax deductible, in most instances! Get renting today and reap all the benefits without any of the negatives.